What we do


Family Dentistry

Maintain healthy smiles with regular check-ups for all. Preventative care prevents dental issues from escalating, ensuring optimal oral health.

Emergency Dental Care

We handle urgent dental needs swiftly and effectively. Equipped with the latest techniques, our clinic ensures prompt treatment for any crisis.

Clear Aligner Therapy Invisalign

Align teeth discreetly with clear, removable aligners. Ideal for adults and teens, monitored by our expert team for perfect results.


Restore functionality and aesthetics with our dental implant solutions. From single tooth replacements to full arch restorations, trust our experienced professionals.

Preventative Care 

Dr. H offers comprehensive exams and minimally invasive treatments for long-term oral health. Corrective gum surgery and more ensure maximum comfort.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Enhance your smile with cutting-edge services like teeth whitening and veneers. Val Vista Smiles delivers stunning results for your dental aesthetics.

Gum Procedures

Combat gum disease and improve oral health with gentle, specialized procedures. Dr. H prioritizes patient comfort in gum surgery and regenerative treatments.

Same day Crowns

Experience quality and convenience with our same-day crown service. High-quality crowns fitted in one appointment streamline your dental care.

Teeth Cleaning

Foundation of dental health, our teeth cleanings promote healthier gums and prevent disease. Dr. H’s expertise ensures comfort during the process.

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